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Body Language... Just as Important as Sales Talk on the phone...!

An article by David Power, World Renown Hypnotist

Body Language on the Phone

If I were to ask you, "What is one of the most important things you need to take into consideration when making a sales call over the phone" what would you answer?

Many people would be surprised to learn that the answer is body language.  Specifically how you position and hold your body during the call.

Well, it is vital to understand the powerful and important role that body language plays when communicating with other people.

How can this be when the person to whom you are talking can't see you?

The message you deliver during a phone conversation is communicated to the receiver by the words you use.  The way those words are delivered during the communication process is influenced by the type of body language employed by the speaker.

It may come as unexpected to discover that only 7% of a message between people is transferred by words while 38% of the message relies upon how the words are spoken and an incredible 55% depends on the actual body language used.

Most people believe these statistics only apply to face-to-face conversations.  Common sense seems to suggest that when you have a conversation over the telephone the effect of your body language is minimal.  I mean, how can body language influence your communication by an amazing 55% when you cannot even see the person on the other end of the telephone?  If this was true it would mean that huge 55% of how a message is delivered successfully would be lost.

However, this is not the case.  Researchers can now reveal that our body language has a massive impact on our breathing system which consequently has a massive affect on the way our words are executed.

What is paramount to understand is that body language not only refers to the way in which the body is acting and moving, but also to the facial expressions of the individual doing the communicating.

Picture the following example - Suppose you were to see a person gesturing intensely with their arms and hands pointing towards you in a firm and exaggerated fashion with rapid speed.  You would most likely be certain that they are not happy or at ease per se.

You would assume without hearing one single word spoken by the person in question that these are the actions of an upset and angry man. The manner in how we as individuals would react to him would be determined by how our brains are wired up and our personal conditioning.  This will be different for every person - you may mirror the anger back, become fearful and anxious or just laugh in reaction to the other person's angry outburst.

Note however, that the person does respond back and the entire conversation occurs without words being spoken and the message conveyed is loud and clear. This demonstrates, just how powerful body language is when the place of communication allows the sender and receiver to see each other.

The words used by the angry man above are most likely to match his emotions and feelings.  His voice tone and way he would deliver his words will also replicate his mood.

It would be quite unusual and rare to see a person who is furiously angry and displaying frantic and wild body language saying or delivering words in a calm, deliberate  and respectful fashion.

Moreover, if we are upset or angry, it is clear in our facial expressions.  The same is true when we are happy or at ease. In fact, there are a huge number of muscles in our face, more from the shoulders upwards than from the shoulders downwards. Therefore, because of the ways humans are designed there is an direct link between the movement in our facial muscles and the pitch and sound of the human voice.

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