Body Language... Just as Important as Sales Talk on the phone...! (Cont.)

An article by David Power, World Renown Hypnotist

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Body Language on the phone

Because of the way humans are designed the way our muscles move directly affects the pitch and sound of the human voice.  If we smile it is reflected in our voice.  Our voice becomes lighter, higher and it will project an impression of a happy speaker to the listener.

Conversely, if we are enraged the anger is reflected on our face, our voices become deeper and more strained. So, it is our facial expressions that affect our voice and our voice had an obvious and direct impact on how successful our message is communicated both in person and over the phone.

The vocal speed of an angry person is faster and more erratic than their usual pace.  The tonality will be deeper and their words may be clipped and cutting, their breathing will consequently be faster and will have a direct affect on the pace of the words and how they are delivered.

To put this in layman's terms, body language determines how the words on the telephone are transferred and equals a massive 38% of the message's content.

Recent scientific research has shown that breathing patterns make a huge contribution on how words are conveyed.  Simply put, as the air from our lungs is breathed out, it moves over the vocal chords causing them to vibrate and make sounds. The type of sound produced determines how our words come out.  Therefore how you breathe, whether it be shallow, rapid or whatever, affects the vibration of your vocal chords.

For a good example of how this works you simply need to "crunch" your body, similar to the way you would perform a crunch-type abdominal exercise.  When you do this the passageway over your vocal chords becomes restricted and narrow.  Try this and notice how your voice changes.

You have a similar effect when you are sitting down.  When we sit down we tend to lower our head and shoulders, causing some restriction in our breathing passages.  This may cause unwanted variations in our vocal patterns. 

To achieve a definite and clear sounding voice it is essential for exhaled air to pass over the vocal chords with a completely clear passageway. You can achieve this by standing up.  When you are standing up you also have more control over the other elements of your body language and can project yourself over the phone with confidence and power.

 This is just one of the many times your body language affects how you communicate over the telephone. Whether you are upright in your seat or standing up breathing in a regular confident manner, how you are postured will have a direct impact on your message over the phone and also how successful your sales calls might be if your job is in securing sales and confidence in your clients.

 So we have discussed three various ways in which our body language can impact our business relationships and sales figures from telephone conversations, those being:

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How can you be certain your body language is telling others what you want them to hear?

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