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Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP for short, is a model of communication that encompasses how we think, the language that we use to communicate and mental programming we use to form models that represent “how the world works” to each of us.

Even though it is a relatively new set of techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming has proven itself to be an effective methodology in fields such as education, therapy, personal development and business, especially the sales profession.  NLP, which focuses on improving our ability to communicate with others and with our own minds, is also a very effective tool for the persuasion process, which is ideal for our purposes.

In it’s simplest form, NLP is the study of how people think, communicate and change.

NLP was developed in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.  While studying several world-class therapists they discovered patterns in the language and communication styles of the therapists they were studying that were responsible for the results they were getting.  Through observation and study they were able to deconstruct these patterns and, by replicating the patterns and techniques, achieve similar results.

A basic premise of NLP is that patterns of language and nonverbal communication that are successful have a structure that can be replicated and learned by others.  All one has to do to get the same results is to replay the pattern. 

Another insight of NLP is that we all have an individual way of interpreting the world and we use this interpretation to construct mental models of reality.  This mental model is our personal "map" of how the world operates and it determines not only how we view reality, but also how we make decisions.  To influence someone we simply need to discover how they make decisions and then to feed information to them that aligns with their strategy.  Some people are naturals at doing this, others not so much, but the skills and techniques to do this can be learned.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is focused on results, not theory.

NLP provides a framework for the basic building blocks of persuasion because NLP is focused not on deep psychological insights and theory but on the practical easy-to-understand parts of how our brains work.

There are easily more than 50 different schools of psychological thought in academia ranging from the very crude and simple up to the most complex and erudite.  Each of these theories is part of the answer but no one theory has been able to produce consistent and reliable results.  In the field of persuasion theory is nice, but it tends to limit your options to those contained within the theory.  NLP is about flexibility in response.  You continue to change what your doing until you get the desired result.  From the standpoint of the persuasion process it is the results that count. After all, only positive results will put money in our pockets.

Ask yourself, do you want to achieve your outcome quickly or sit around theorizing about why what you're doing isn't working?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is about the structure of communication, not only how we communicate with others, but also with how we communicate with ourselves.  The focus is on the process and not the content.  I like to think of NLP as the science of paying attention

NLP is about mental habits

Humans are creatures of habit.  We tend to fall into consistent patterns of behavior and consistent patterns of thought.  NLP asks us to become aware of our mental habits and thought processes so we can decide whether or not they are serving us in the best possible way.

Most people are simply unaware of how they think or make decisions, but knowing this information is powerful,  If we know how we think and how we can take better control of our thoughts then we can fine tune our mental processes to better serve us in achieving our goals and in having a better life.

Everything we do starts out in our minds.  The lesson of NLP is that we can deconstruct the process we use to communicate, label the different components and parts and then use this knowledge to replicate our communication.  Once we know the pattern of how we do something we can do it again.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is worth your time and effort to study.  Below is a list of NLP articles that describe NLP in more detail -

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